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How to Choose an Electric Vehicle

June 01, 2021

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The automobile industry has always surprised the world with intuitive inventions. If it was not for the automobile industry, we would have never managed to reach point-A from point-B within few hours. Automobiles play an integral role in our lives. And, it is changing on a daily basis. Indeed, the industry is growing in leaps and bounds to meet customer demand. From vehicles that once ran in diesel, to vehicles that depend on petrol to those that need electrical energy – the industry has seen many highs and lows. Today the discussion is on electric vehicles, and how it can change your life. Yet, the choice of buying an electric vehicle is governed by numerous factors. As an individual, you must be aware of what your requirements are, before making a buy.

The Range Calculation

A primary limiting factor in electric vehicles would be the range. A few years ago, the finest electric vehicle in the market was able to cover only 100 miles per charge. For most adventurous drivers, this was too small of a range. With per charge, you will be able to cover an average distance of 250km. Any amateur driver would realize and accept that the range of a car should be more for daily commute. The necessity to charge often should be minimal.

The kilowatts of energy required during highway trips are considerably more. Also, studies reveal that the range calculation suffers when cars are driven in cold weather conditions. Another study concluded that a car’s heating system becomes vigorous when the temperature drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The attributes to a performance decrease of 40%. On the other hand, warm summer seasons keep the air conditioning system running, resulting in a drop in performance.

Personal Satisfaction Counts!

As the sole purchaser of the electric vehicle, you are stepping into a new realm. You will be subject to much criticism. And, you will become the talk of the town too! Yet, it is the personal satisfaction that counts. As a potential buyer of this latest technology, you must be aware of whether the car would meet and exceed your drive, space, comfort, and budget requirements.

If you are conscious of the space offered by the electric vehicle, you must check for the vehicle’s overall cargo space. Ensure that the car will designed to carry plenty of child gears, strollers, sports equipment, and shopping bags.

Also, ensure that the car fits within your budget. As the number of features in your vehicle increases, you are likely to spend a bigger price. As a pioneer in investing in the electric vehicle, it is your responsibility to take the car on a test drive and evaluate its capabilities.

The battle between the old and the new!

Buying a new car always comes with perks. However, there are many advantages in picking a used car too. For instance, used cars are bound to be more affordable than the brand new ones. You will be able to save as much as 30% on the overall cost. Used cars don’t have to be bought all the time. Instead, you can decide to lease them too. When you lease an electric vehicle, you must pay in smaller down payments. The outlay in funding used electric vehicles is always lower than the traditional ones. In fact, automakers come up with many deals and discounts on these cars. When you lease an electric vehicle, try to sign an agreement for three to four years. This way, you can upgrade the car and keep up with new technology. The only problem when the lease or second-hand cars would be the payment mode. In some cases, you might end up paying a bigger amount after the lease period. Or, if the car is in poor condition, you will be made to pay more.

Charging the Electric Vehicle!

Another concern to be remembered when you buy electric vehicles would be charging. It is important to evaluate your living conditions. The question of whether your jurisdiction supports public charging stations is vital. Also, you should be aware of how your home’s electrical circuits are programmed. Plugging your electric vehicle for a full charge will take time, and it will be expensive. Sometimes, you may have to charge the vehicle between 10 to 20 hours. Before you invest in electric vehicles, verify if there are many charging stations in your locality. If not, you must consult a professional and check if a charging point can be installed in your building. Trying to install a new electrical circuit with charging points will be a challenge.

What are the incentives of an electric vehicle?

Just like traditional cars, electric vehicles have multiple incentives. According to the federal government of the United States, buyers of electric vehicles will be eligible for a tax credit of 7500 USD. And, when you lease an electric vehicle over a traditional one, you will be offered lower premiums.

The incentive differs from one country to another. Also, it depends on the electric vehicle you are planning to buy. Try to study more about the incentives you can take advantage off, before making a final decision.

The durability of Electric Vehicles

A lot of car aficionados are curious to know if an electric vehicle would last long. After all, small bulbs are also designed to last for a predefined period of time. On average, electric vehicles can cover 100,000 miles without any problems. And, it would take anywhere between six to eight years for an ordinary family to cover this distance. Once the specified distance is covered, your vehicle’s warranty will drop. To ensure that the warranty lasts and the car is fit to be used – you should engage in periodic maintenance.


On the whole, electric vehicles are a great investment. When compared to traditional vehicles, there are many reasons to buy an electric car. With an electric vehicle, you don’t need to have too much anxiety. You can operate the car within your comfort zone, and even take it on long trips. The only problem with these cars would be the presence of public charging stations. If your city has thousands of public charging stations, don’t think twice to buy a used or a brand new electric vehicle.

By  Rushali Jadhav   |  June 01, 2021