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Famous Myths on Electric Vehicles

April 28, 2021

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With air pollution and tight road infrastructures, the agenda for electric vehicles has increased by leaps and bounds. If you have not thought about buying an electric vehicle, you are definitely falling behind in the race.

Technology is known to disrupt old myths and industries. From building rockets to making everything reusable, technology is reducing the impact mankind has on Earth. Slowly, the industry of electric vehicles entered into the market. And, today this is what car aficionados want to invest in. Electric vehicles are made and sold in huge volumes. These are fun to drive. And, everyone is waiting for a breakthrough in this genre of automobiles. Some brands are a little too facetious with what they want to offer potential customers. And, some brands are in production engineering stages with technologies like solid-state batteries yet to be proved. There are plenty of eponymous automobile brands that are coming up with electric vehicles that spell super-power.

Though the current technology around electric vehicles is promising, there are few myths. These myths have made people shun away from this latest technological breakthrough.

Myth #1: Unavailability of Choices

As mentioned previously, the scope of electric vehicles is booming rapidly. Today, you have a dozen mainstream players in this domain. For centuries, Kia has exerted lots of effort in building efficient electric vehicles. The brand introduced e-Niro with a driving capacity of 280+ miles. Quite recently, the brand came up with Soul EV.

Few other brands that have invested in electric vehicles would be Hyundai, Tesla, Audi, Volkswagen, Jaguar and Renault. In the upcoming days, you will see brands like Peugeot, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche joining the league of electric vehicles.

Myth #2: The Slow Movers

This is one of the most famous myths about electric vehicles. You will see many people coming up with this point. Unfortunately, this is totally not true. Electric cars can travel at very high speeds. Some of the most powerful electric cars can reach 62 mph quicker than the traditional, fuel based vehicles.

It is revealed that Tesla’s electric vehicle is faster than Bugatti Chiron. This makes electric vehicles with scalable batteries more powerful than any sedan you could drive.

Without burning a drop of fuel, the electric cars can beat most of the traditional vehicles. This is because of the supercharged engine and stunning design. The speed of affordable electric vehicles is also commendable. You will not be left behind in traffic by driving an electric car.

Myth #3: Price Quotient

Indeed, most people stay away from electric vehicles believing they are expensive. When compared to diesel or petrol vehicles, these cars are not extremely expensive.

For instance, e-Niro from Kia is loaded with many features and comfortable interiors. This car is not more expensive than its top-spec SUVs. Both these models are priced alike. This means the talk about how expensive an electric vehicle can get are absolute myths.

Most governments encourage the use of electric vehicles. This is because electric cars reduce the chances of pollution. And, the cost to recharge a battery is always lessor than petrol or diesel. This means electric vehicles create a win-win situation for the government and its owner. If your jurisdiction has special allowances for EVs, the concept of these vehicles is going to be a hit in the locality.

Myth #4: EVs run out fast!

Electric vehicles depend on electricity, and for the technology to run out – the world must not have any source of electricity. Fortunately, this situation is not going to happen in the next few decades. A simple electric vehicle can cover 100 to 120 miles with just one charge. This reading was taken in the year 2010. Today, there are more powerful and efficient cars that can cover 300 to 350 miles with a single charge. A very good example for improved mileage would be Kia’s e-Niro.

Currently, Tesla has the electric car with the ability to cover 375 miles with a single charge.

With an EV in hand, you must be astonished with this superior technology, and never undermine the vehicle. When the charge of your electric vehicle drops, you will receive a warning. And, most electric cars have sophisticated navigation systems that will guide you to the closest charging spot.

Myth #5: Unavailability of Charging Stations

Assuming that the country doesn’t have enough charging stations is truly absurd. That is because all governments are encouraging the use of electric cars. As quoted previously, there are laws to promote the growth of EVs. This means you are bound to find a place for charging your car.

Generally, owners of electric cars are likely to recharge the batteries at work or home. But, if you are going on a long trip, you must check if there are public charging spots. The good news is, there will be thousands of public charging venues.

Critics reveal that in the United Kingdom there are more than 14000 charging spots. Nearly 9000 different locations in the UK are covered. In the upcoming days, this number is bound to improve. Brands like Tesco, Shell and BP are working hard to satisfy the needs of sustainable energy too.

Myth #6: Maintaining and Replacing the Battery

Another interesting myth would be the fact that your car’s battery should be replaced every decade.

All batteries should be recharged. And, all batteries are subject to the effects of degradation. However, the lithium batteries used in electric vehicles are highly resilient. Even with rapid charging and frequent use, you will not be able to discharge it completely.

The warranty for your car’s battery depends on the manufacturer. Before you finalize on an electric car, you must read through its manufacturing booklet. Check how the battery capacity would degrade with time. For instance, Tesla claims that its batteries degrade by ten percent after covering a distance of 100,000 miles.


Electric vehicles are a part of the future. This is a technology that is going to change the way you enjoy driving. Whenever you feel cautious and responsible for destroying the planet with harmful gases and fuel extraction – think EV1. And now, we have debunked seven myths about surrounding yourself with electric cars.

By  Rushali Jadhav   |  April 28, 2021