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EV Chargers

EV Chargers

We provide a range of EV AC and DC Chargers that promises high performance and fast, effective, and sustainable functioning to bring innovative and affordable charging infrastructure to you. Chargers are compliant with ARAI Standard.

OCPP Controller

OCPP Controller

Our OCPP Controller Functions as a channel that shares the Charging Management System's charger information and works as the digital brain that effectively and accurately provides connectivity and intelligence to the charging station.

Charge Controllers

Charge Controllers

AC charge controllers for charging stations meet all the requirements of standard IEC61851-22 (Mode 33). It is integrated with energy management, remote access, and OCPP connectivity. It is a versatile compact charge controller that can fit in small charge stations too.

Charging Management System

Charging Management System

EV CMS is autonomous and integrated with nature that effectively operates and connects the on-grid infrastructure with the charging center and makes room for numerous functionalities and real-time monitoring.

EV Chargers
OCPP Controller

The core of every Smart Charging Station is the OCPP Controller, and It is mainly used to solve the difficulties of communication between private charging networks. OCPP Controller shares the charger information with the CMS.

OCPP Controller


  • OCPP v1.6 compatibility and upgradable to v2.0.
  • Fits in small charge stations.
  • Real time possibility for Wifi, Bluetooth and LoRa.
  • Enables smart charging.
  • Offers connectivity via SIM or LAN.


  • EV charging network endpoint key management and exchange
  • Encryption for small messages and PII data
  • Secure boot and protected download
  • Ecosystem control, Anti-cloning
Charging Management System

Autonomous and integrated software acts as the backbone/command center, managing and seamlessly connecting the on-grid infrastructure with the OCPP Server, capable of taking care of all real-time scenarios with tons of functionalities. Ideal for residential and commercial charging site managers to monitor, measure, and control the charging loads. Our EV CMS provides a wide range of cloud-based services, including:

  • Charger OCPP Compliance.
  • Offer Provision for various pricing models.
  • Electric Car Easy to use interface.
  • Browser Remote monitoring, Maintenance & Troubleshooting.
  • Toolbox Realtime energy monitoring.
  • Dashboard Android and iOS applications.
  • Mobile Custom Branding option.
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